Enjoy Enjaami (Cuckoo Cuckoo) Tamil Independent song reaches 33M views


AR Rahman along with some Canadian businessmen started a new Tamil Independent Music YouTube channel called ‘Maajja’. Majja was launched to support indie musicians and bring forth their talent to the global stage.

Maajja’s first song ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ (Cuckoo Cuckoo) has become a blockbuster hit and the song has crossed 33 million views. The independent song ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ sung by Dhee and Arivu. The song was produced and composed by Santhosh Narayanan, who the father of the singer Dhee.

Arivu, who wrote the lyrics of the song that celebrates ancestors who toiled in the forests, he drew inspiration from conversations with his grandmother Valliyammai, who was taken from Tamil Nadu to work in tea plantations of Sri Lanka.


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