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Shankar postpones Indian 2 to direct new film with Ram Charan

#SVC50 #RC15 ஷங்கர்-ராம்சரண் இந்தியன் 2 indian 2

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Director Shankar and Kamal Hassan’s Indian was released 1996. After 21 years, the second part was started in 2017.

The shooting was postponed for various reasons. Last year a crane fell on the shooting site and caused casualties. Thus the shooting was stopped and the police conducted an investigation. After that the shooting could not start again due to corona infection.

Kamal Haasan is busy with Big Boss and political work as the government has given permission for the filming to be completed in Lockdown.

In this situation, Director Shankar decided that he will direct a film with Ram Charan.  The Director has said that he will finish directing the film before Kamal Haasan returns from his election campaign.

The yet-untitled (#SVC50) film is the prestigious 50th venture of the production house and Ram Charan’s 15th film (#RC15). After the completion of ‘RRR’ directed by Rajamouli, there is a lot of expectations for Ram Charan to be directed by Shankar.

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